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The Recovery Equation: Travel and Tourism in the Post Pandemic Era

As with any crisis or "shock" to the hospitality and tourism industry, there is always a period of recovery followed by stabilization. Each shock has its own set of factors that caused the disruption in the first place and therefore the recovery period can vary dramatically by region, market and even by service provider within a market.

American mindset driving demand in rural hotels

By William Perry When hotels started reopening in early summer after being closed for several months due to COVID-19, many rural properties noticed an immediate uptick in bookings. As the summer continued, these hotels were able to implement longer-term stay restrictions with the ability to continuously increase rates due to strong demand. In fact, at

Leverage the Power of an Integrated Revenue Strategy to Recover Faster

Over time, the disciplines of Revenue Management, Marketing, and Distribution have evolved with the enhancement of technology, changes in philosophical outlooks, and different business strategies. Furthermore, complicated intra-company dynamics and need for specialization have created an environment where revenue management and distribution often operate in one silo, while sales and marketing operate in another, thus