Revenue Matters and MPA Digital Merge

Revenue Matters and MPA Digital Merge
June 23, 2020 Revenue Matters

In an ambitious drive to maximize revenue for current and future hospitality clients, Revenue Matters, with its unique, holistic approach to revenue management, announces the merger with MPA Digital, a firm with over 30 years of CRM and loyalty marketing experience serving independent properties.

“For three years, Revenue Matters partnered closely with MPA Digital, resulting in significant revenue increases for luxury, independent properties,” said Trevor Stuart-Hill, president of Revenue Matters. “We’ve proven hotels benefit most when revenue strategy and marketing work in harmony. Now we are fully integrated.”

“Research shows hotels with the most loyal customers are the most profitable,” added Madigan Pratt, president of MPA Digital. “The most effective way to create loyal customers is by applying our disciplined approach to CRM. Clients embracing this approach see dramatic profit increases. Thanks to the merger, clients should anticipate greater revenue performance.”

The merger of Revenue Matters and MPA Digital will operate under the Revenue Matters name.


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