Integrating distribution, marketing, revenue management

Some recent case studies demonstrate the success that can be had by rethinking these key disciplines and how they can work in tangent.Read the full article below by Trevor Stuart-Hill on Hotel News Now.  READ ARTICLE

Revenue Matters and MPA Digital Merge

DENVER, Colorado – June 24, 2020 - In an ambitious drive to maximize revenue for current and future hospitality clients, Revenue Matters, with its unique, holistic approach to revenue management is proud to announce the merger with MPA Digital, a firm with over 30 years of CRM and loyalty marketing experience serving independent properties. “Over

Will OTAs Become Less Powerful or More Relevant in a Post COVID-19 World?

By: Trevor Stuart-Hill May 19, 2020 There is no doubt that “shocks” to our industry bring about significant changes, and COVID-19 won’t be an exception. I believe that guests’ buying behavior and motivations will be very different tomorrow from what they were yesterday. So, how will OTAs fit into this new equation? And, will the

How Revenue Strategy Now Will Directly Influence Recovery

by Kristie Dickinson, CHMWarnick, Kate Burda, Kate Burda & Co, Trevor Stuart-Hill, Revenue Matters | Apr 21, 2020 An asset manager, marketer and revenue-management practitioner walk into a bar (6 feet apart, of course). While this may sound like the beginning of a joke, what we are all facing in the hospitality industry at the

Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Should the Industry Expect?

By Trevor Stuart-Hill President & Founder, Revenue Matters & Will Perry Director of Revenue Strategies | April 6, 2020 Summary of Current Situation The World Health Organization (WHO) issued the first situation report on January 21, 2020, noting 282 reported cases with 3 deaths. 91.5% of these cases were found in the Hubei Province in

2020: A Vision for Revenue Management in the Next Decade

By Trevor Stuart-Hill President & Founder, Revenue Matters | September 29, 2019 As we quickly approach the year 2020, I thought it would be an opportune time to highlight some of the key challenges and opportunities that those involved in revenue management will likely be grappling with in this coming decade. Given that revenue management

Rate Parity is Dead! What’s next for Hoteliers?

Trevor Stuart-Hill, ISHC President, Revenue Matters April 13, 2019 OK, if rate parity isn’t completely dead, it is certainly on life support.  So, what would the world look like for hoteliers if/when rate parity completely disappears?  This is an intriguing question that is fraught with complexity.  I’ll do my best to cut through the confusion

Revenue Management Adapting to Predictive Pricing Tools

As more guests start to use predictive pricing tools when booking their travel plans, hoteliers are figuring out ways to benefit from this. By Bryan Wroten @HNN_Bryan REPORT FROM THE U.S.—It’s a constant back-and-forth: Hoteliers will always try to get the highest rate possible, and in return, guests will always try to figure out

9 Critical Traits for a Great Revenue Manager

Once a “nice-to-have,” the role of revenue management for any property is now mandatory. It is at the epicenter of hospitality operations: Practitioners directly impact top-line performance – and the great ones strongly influence profit. Sure, foundational skills related to the profession of revenue management are important – but those skills can be taught. I

2018 HSMAI ROC Conference

Revenue Matters was pleased to facilitate a discussion on alternative metrics for the hospitality industry at the recent HSMAI ROC Americas conference. HSMAI presents 9 videos from select sessions at our 2018 Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) Americas. These videos are available for viewing free for HSMAI members and $59 for non-members. This