Social Media Flash Sale Tips

Social Media Flash Sale Tips
July 20, 2021 Revenue Matters
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Social media is a trackable way to target prospective hotel guests, and flash sales are an excellent way to build immediate demand for need periods. Combining both is a great opportunity to reach those guests interested in travel to your hotel.

Here are some top tips for creating success with your social media flash sales:

Facebook Event

Create an Event on Facebook with Flash Sale. Those who are interested in attending can “RSVP” and will get updates when the event is ready to start. This will also expand your reach as their interest will be visible to their friends list.


Start a series of Facebook Countdown posts to launch on each channel. Include imagery that shows the countdown and encourage people to like, share, and comment.

Target Paid Ads

On the day or start of the Flash Sale, run a paid Targeted Ad for both Instagram and Facebook. Target both warm and cold audiences. A Facebook pixel installed on your website will help here.

Track Links

Use a trackable link when directing users to your landing page.


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