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Maximize your revenue

Drive your revenue performance and foster collaborative team engagement with this powerful interactive analytics platform.

With MAX as a foundation, everything you need to make either strategic or tactical decisions is at your fingertips. It can be used as a standalone platform, or in conjunction with the services of our expert team.

Improved Efficiency

No more spending hours gathering, compiling and sorting through pieces of data from a variety of sources in order to make decisions. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Better Control

Take action when user settings and system alerts let you know when certain things happen, such as when a particular competitor lowers rate below a defined threshold or when pick-up is strong over future dates.

Increased Transparency

Easily keep key stakeholders updated on what decisions have been made and what actions have been taken to drive revenue performance.

Faster Trend Detection

Pick-up and pace modules allow you to better understand market segmentation mix patterns over time while the time-period analysis module is great for comparing year-over-year trends for future demand periods. Daily details allows you to quickly understand shifts in competitors pricing strategies.

Enhanced Coordination

No more operating in silos. MAX fosters strategic communication and coordination between marketing, distribution and operation teams. You can even use notations to develop marketing plans and design promotions.

Accurate Forecasting & Budgeting

Forget taking hours, or even days to prepare a room revenue budget. With MAX, you have access to a powerful forecast and budget creation tool that allows you to use your own property’s data to generate accurate day-by-day forecasts at the sub-market segment level in just minutes.