Our hotel marketing services provide hotels and resorts with enhanced support in effectively reaching their customer base and cultivating lasting relationships with past and future guests.

What Our Clients in the Hospitality Industry Have to Say

I cannot recommend Revenue Matters enough for all your digital marketing needs. At PGA National Resort & Spa we use them for all our digital email blasts and am always pleased with their exceptional service, attention to detail, design and creative work. There turnaround times are beyond my expectations as a client and additionally they appreciate the sense of urgency in our business. In the hospitality world, sometimes projects change midway or deadlines can become more urgent unexpectedly. They understand our needs with a sense of urgency and are always there to save the day. As a partner I could not ask for more!

Karen P Cantor, Manager of Public Relations and Events Marketing, PGA National Resort & Spa
Revenue Matters offers hotel marketing services

What We Offer

  • Email: Static | Movement | Flash
  • Illustration: Web Icons | Cartoon | Realistic | Stylized
  • Branding: Corporate Identity | Logo Development | Collateral | Business Cards
  • Print: Banners | Brochures | Catalogs | CD & DVD Packaging | Postcards | Posters
  • Websites: Content Management Systems | Flash | Flash Web Banners | Responsive Design | Shopping Carts | Templates and Themes | WordPress

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Leave the details to us and get your message out quickly without much effort. Our turnkey solutions offer these services:

Copywriting is an artform and one of the most essential elements of marketing, using creative, relatable messaging to attract and maintain your customers.

Professional HTML design
Our talented graphic designers will create a unique, eye-catching backdrop to display your message, utilizing three types of email design: static, movement and flash. View examples.

Pre-launch tests
This allows both of our teams the opportunity to review your email in both the HTML and plain text versions before it launches.  During this process, we ensure the formatting is rendering accurately, the font is correct and the images are clear. We test how your email looks in 70+ email clients and mobile devices before each launch.

Track clicks with Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a third-party tool that allows you to track web traffic coming in and navigating around your website. Our integration with Google Analytics tags certain parameters onto the URLs in your email campaign so that you can instantly use the powerful and free tools provided by Google in the Analytics service.

Click Conversion
With Click-To-Conversion tracking, we can extend your email campaign tracking past the initial click, identifying which recipients navigated to your website and took an action such as booking a room, making a spa appointment or tee time, or downloading a brochure.

Social Sharing
Social sharing allows us to share your emails via Facebook and Twitter, widening your audience-base and, as a result, increasing the impact of your offers and newsletters.

List Management

  • Opt-in Form: Grow your subscriber list by imbedding an opt-in form on your website and Facebook page. All subscribers receive a double opt-in confirmation and sign-ups are added directly to your database.
  • Consolidate Lists: Send us all of your lists, no matter what condition they are in, and we will organize and cleanse them. After the first blast, we ensure that opt-outs and bounces never receive your email again.
  • Reporting: Our reporting includes easy-to-read charts showing you key stats of who opened your email and what links they clicked on. At your request, we can also download a list of responders and non-responders, along with their full details, allowing you to get a deeper view of the impact of your email campaign.

Direct Mail

From concept and design to copywriting, print and mailing, our direct mail solutions provide impactful and measureable results. We offer two types of print technology. Digital press gives us the ability to personalize each and every piece by varying images, offers, disclaimers, codes, names, etc. Offset press capabilities are more cost‐effective and ideal for larger campaigns (above 5,000 pieces).

Our advanced list cleansing processes support CASS, DPV and NCOALink, which reduces waste and expense. You also have the ability to qualify for maximum USPS discounts via our bulk mail capabilities.

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Customer Acquisition

Using powerful prospect response, profile and Geo-targeted models-provided by our trusted partner-we help you acquire new customers. These models are built using multiple techniques, including linear and logistic regression and a proprietary, pre-validated response modeling method developed and enhanced over the past 20 years.

Whether you wish to impact group sales by targeting vertical fields, such as financial planning, insurance or pharmaceutical professionals; or you wish to communicate with specific leisure demographic groups within select geographical areas or interests, our highly qualified marketing lists are a great way to augment your own data for maximum campaign reach and effectiveness.

Landing Pages & Surveys

We can integrate online and offline marketing with this intuitive and powerful tool that creates and tracks marketing campaigns in real‐time. The personalized URL directs your respondents to a data‐driven customized landing page tailored to their specific profile. This also allows you to boost conversion rates for PPC (Pay‐Per‐Click) search engine ads and other marketing campaigns. The online dashboard shows all activity and captures responses for export and review. Auto‐generated leads are sent via email or SMS directly to your sales team for immediate follow up.

Let us design a professional email signature line for the employees of your company. It is easy and cost effective. Using our custom e-mail signature tool, your employees can create their own email signature using a custom template we create for you.

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Mobile Apps, Made For You!

Revenue Matters offers a quick, easy, inexpensive and turnkey solution to building your app. It takes just a few days for us to build your app in both IOS and Android platforms. Using the RMapps dashboard, you can create subscription channels to which users can subscribe for the most highly targeted and relevant Push Notifications.

  • Automatically Sync All Of Your Content Through Feeds
  • Create Your Own In App Point-Based Loyalty Program
  • Boost Your Sales With Mobile Shopping & E-commerce
  • Selective Push Notifications
  • Preview Your App Before It’s Live
  • Social Walls & Groups
  • Update Sync
  • Contact Us, Directions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Content (Radio/Video)
  • Share Your App

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We offer a full range of Hotel marketing services including Mobile Apps in the App Store

We offer a full range of Hotel marketing services including Mobile Apps