Hotel Marketing Services

It’s a fact that companies with the most loyal customers are the most profitable. Our hotel marketing services provide hotels and resorts with enhanced support in effectively reaching their customer base and cultivating lasting relationships with past and future guests.

From email marketing, paid search advertising, social media management and more, Revenue Matters has the integrated marketing services you need to not only acquire new customers, but to nurture relationships with your guests to create loyal brand advocates.

What Our Clients in the Hospitality Industry Have to Say

I cannot recommend Revenue Matters enough for all your digital marketing needs. At PGA National Resort & Spa we use them for all our digital email blasts and am always pleased with their exceptional service, attention to detail, design and creative work. There turnaround times are beyond my expectations as a client and additionally they appreciate the sense of urgency in our business. In the hospitality world, sometimes projects change midway or deadlines can become more urgent unexpectedly. They understand our needs with a sense of urgency and are always there to save the day. As a partner I could not ask for more!

Karen P Cantor, Manager of Public Relations and Events Marketing, PGA National Resort & Spa
Revenue Matters offers hotel marketing services

What We Offer

As a hotelier, you have enough to juggle. Multiple marketing agencies (and their fees) shouldn’t be one of them. Streamline your approach, reach farther and make a bigger impact by integrating all your marketing. Revenue Matters’ on-staff professionals and a proven integrated Customer Relationship Marketing (iCRM) approach saves you time as you drive more profitable revenue.

More than 80% of companies don’t capitalize on their brand advocates. These are your most loyal customers — those who will sing your praises and help do your selling for you. Set your sights on your current customers. Nurture those relationships, move them along the customer lifecycle, and turn them into loyal brand advocates. The profitability will follow.

As one of the most affordable ways to communicate with your past guests and prospects, email marketing is a great way to nurture relationships and eventually turn your customers into loyal brand advocates. Revenue Matters can construct a responsive and optimized email and newsletter campaign for your property so you can relax knowing that you are staying engaged with your guests on a consistent basis.

Experts in the popular hospitality CRM systems – NAVIS, Guestfolio, Revinate and more – we are able to design, segment, target, deploy and report on campaigns to help fill need periods, strengthen relationships with guests and create brand awareness.

Content creation is one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle. Digital content—including blogs and articles, press releases, and website content—exists to help keep your target audiences informed and engaged with exciting news and relevant content. Revenue Matters can produce search engine optimized content across a variety of platforms that can be shared across networks to educate your past, present, and potential visitors.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles are informational and informal pieces of content that live digitally either on your website or a partner publication’s website. Both types of content can help educate past and potential visitors about a service or special you’re offering; the area around your hotel, resort, or vacation rental; or provide updates and news to your audience. Most importantly, they’re a simple way to showcase your brand’s personality, and let your past and potential visitors get to know you a little better.

Press Releases

For your newsworthy moments like grand re-openings or special promotions, Revenue Matters can construct engaging and readable press releases to be distributed to media outlets.

Content Strategy & Storytelling

Revenue Matter’s marketing team offers multi-channel content strategies to any client looking to hone in on their content practices and create a unified voice across all content platforms—your website, your social media, and even your paid advertising.

This process begins with a content audit where we take stock of all your digital content and provide personalized recommendations for optimization. Creating and executing on a content strategy is a great way to tell your brand story in a streamlined way and really connect with your consumer while implementing best search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

Writing for the internet is much different than writing for print. When it comes to website copy, it is important to balance the user’s need for detailed, search engine optimized information with their desire to read engaging, scannable content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making certain, often simple changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine. This includes keyword research, strategic keyword placement, image and layout optimizations, and the creation of internal and external links.

When designing a website, it is important to take into consideration a mobile-first design. Mobile visits continue to rise and outperform desktop views. A responsive and adaptive website is necessary to meet your customers where they are.

The most visually appealing websites are never found if they aren’t expertly created on the backend to rank at the top. 75% of people won’t even click on the second page of search results. Fight with the OTAs to keep that #1 search result spot to bring in direct, non-commissionable bookings.

Our Google-certified specialist has more than 20 years’ experience in paid search advertising for hotels and the hospitality industry and will work within your budget and create optimized ads to maximize conversions.

Get your business noticed online with engaging and consistent social posting. Our social team will develop and post relevant content across your social media channels, helping you gain traveler’s attention and create online conversations. 

Organic Content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Create and post social content on all channels
  • Promote community outreach on social channels with exposure of relevant businesses and local events to extend reach and keep page informative, interesting and follow-worthy
  • Create and manage various contests and promotions, as needed

Paid Content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Capitalize on one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. We will work within your budget to construct an impactful social ad strategy that is aligned with your revenue goals.

Additional Social Sites


  • Create page and profile
  • Monitor and upload images to pinboards, as relevant


  • Create a channel dedicated to your property
  • Load your property videos and descriptions

Build your credibility to customers and strengthen their trust in your property through timely and professional responses to online reviews.

Keeping you in front of your guests includes:

  • Daily monitoring of online guest reviews across all major review platforms
  • Timely and professional responses to reviews
  • Property alerts for those reviews that are extremely negative or positive
  • Monthly reporting showing a deeper analysis of property review scores for a 30-day period, such as competitor intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses comparison performance on key metrics

GDS Advertising

Revenue Matters can help move your property to one of the top positions within travel agent global distribution systems (GDS). We can also help with the creation and execution of dynamically targeted advertising served directly to travel agents within their native systems.

All Properties who purchase GDS advertising receive free access to an on-demand reporting portal via Agency360

Sabre GDS Solutions

Sabre Spotlight

  • Move to the top grouping of properties in your market within the hotel shopping display
  • With Sabre Spotlight, your property is 4x more likely to get booked since travel agents will see your property within the top section of the sort order

Sabre PromoSpots

  • Increase sales and gain market share
  • Promote your property directly to travel buyers at the point of decision
  • Targets your promotions to agents in real-time while shopping and booking
  • Flexible promotional parameters such as week part, targeted ADR, advance booking window, etc. can be implemented

TravelClick GDS Media and Preferred Placement

GDS Media includes:

  • Targeted advertising served directly to travel agents during the shopping and booking process
  • Advertisements can be graphical and/or text
  • Ads can be served on Air, Hotel, Sell response, and Sign-in Screens

Preferred Placement includes:

  • Top placement for a hotel search on the GDS
  • Placement ahead of the non-subscribed properties (similar to being on the 1st page of a Google Search)
  • Placement among a limited number of subscribers that rotate in the top viewing slots
  • Preferred Placement on the major GDS Systems: TravelPort Featured Property (Galileo and Worldspan) and Amadeus Instant Preference
  • Annual or semi-annual subscriptions
  • 2 available activation dates per month: 1st and 15th of each month

Maximize your exposure through Online Travel Agency (OTA) advertising to build a comprehensive CPC strategy, engage with the most highly qualified shoppers, and increase brand awareness, room nights, and profitability.

OTA Advertising

OTA advertising with Expedia: TravelAds Link-In and TravelAds Direct

Maximize your exposure on Expedia using TravelAds Sponsored Listings, to build a comprehensive CPC strategy, engage with the most highly qualified shoppers and increase brand awareness, room nights and profitability.

Key Benefits include:

  • Premium placement for ideal exposure
  • Target the right customers
  • Keep track of your campaign through reporting tools
  • Set your Daily Budget

OTA advertising with Priceline Hotel Marketing Program

Key Benefits include:

  • Prominent placements throughout family of companies (including
  • Upper, mid and lower funnel tactics available
  • Comprehensive reporting on campaign performance and conversions
  • Cross-device exposure available
  • Hotel Homepage Placement
  • Choose between three different homepage placements as well as a targeting option based on geography, demographics, audience, or researchers, engagers, and bookers

Hotel Search Results Placement includes:

  • Engage consumers actively searching
  • Lower funnel conversion tactic
  • Link to a brand landing page
  • Choose a targeting option based on geography, demographics, audience or origin/destination

OTA advertising with Tripadvisor

Revenue Matters will assist your property in the optimal utilization of all available “Business Advantage” Listing Features including:

  • Profile Enhancement
  • Photos, and highlighting the photos that best represent your property
  • Create storyboards and automate slideshow of images
  • Select cover photos for TripAdvisor albums
  • Add videos to draw travelers’ attention

Promotional Features include:

  • Customize “Special Offers” on desktop and mobile
  • Attract attention using “Announcements” feature
  • Identify and highlight favorite reviews
  • Mobile “Click to Call”
  • Unlock exclusive data
  • Analytics Suite
  • Access key trends performance indicators on market position, click activity, photos, demand trends, and reputation insights
  • Download data
  • Activate competitor benchmarking

Book more reservations from your current website visitors.

There are two ways to boost and recover online bookings: 

  • On-site campaigns to keep visitors on your website and capture leads to improve bookings
  • Recovery Campaigns to bring your abandoned visitors back to complete their purchase

Drive New Sales Using Any Combination of Campaigns 

Real-time Data Capture & Enhanced Contact Database: We automatically capture email addresses, phone numbers and other contact data as it is typed on any page. 

Once a new lead is captured, we scour the web to find as much information on that prospect as possible (additional contact information, social media profiles, known organizations, etc), and add it directly to the contact report for you. 

Browse & Booking Abandonment Emails: Browse abandonment campaigns reach higher up into your conversion funnel to reengage the 98% of your “lookers” that never make it to the booking page. 

As visitors abandon booking forms on your site, we capture their data in real-time and send them a series of email reminders at just the right moment to get them to convert. 

Exit Intent Pop-ups: The instant a visitor shows signs of trying to leave your site, you can disrupt their exit with an enticing offer to get them to subscribe and encourage them to continue shopping. 

SMS Text Messaging & Desktop Push Notifications: Automated gentle reminders and offers sent directly to those that abandoned for quick and easy engagement. 

Revenue Matters offers a variety of graphic design services to help you put your best foot forward.

Our hotel and resort graphic design services include:

  • Email: Static | Movement | Flash
  • Illustration: Web Icons | Cartoon | Realistic | Stylized
  • Branding: Corporate Identity | Logo Development | Collateral | Business Cards
  • Print: Banners | Brochures | Catalogs | Postcards | Posters
  • Websites: Content Management Systems | Flash | Flash Web Banners | Responsive Design | Shopping Carts | Templates and Themes | WordPress

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From concept and design to copywriting, print, and mailing, our direct mail solutions provide impactful and measurable results. Digital press gives us the ability to personalize each and every piece by varying images, offers, disclaimers, codes, names, etc.

Our advanced list cleansing processes support CASS, DPV, and NCOALink, which reduce waste and expense. You also have the ability to qualify for maximum USPS discounts via our bulk mail capabilities.

Let us design a professional email signature line for the employees of your company. It is easy and cost effective. Using our custom e-mail signature tool, your employees can create their own email signature using a custom template we create for you.

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