Leveraging Customer-Facing Travel Technologies

In today’s travel industry, where travelers may reach out to 38 or more touch points*, Revenue Matters leverages customer-facing travel technologies with a focus on the substantive values used to attract the right type of customer. These values include compelling content, price positioning, sentiment value and strategic hospitality marketing.

Revenue Matters understands that each hotel or resort is unique, with its own set of business challenges, value propositions and competitive pressures. Keeping this in mind, we use our hotel consulting expertise to truly understand your business objectives in order to tailor a distribution support program designed to best fit your needs.

Distribution Support Current Areas of Focus

The Written Word
Does your property description have a consistent voice across all channels?

Invariably, property content focus on value proposition and consistency does not transition across all OTA channels. Revenue Matters helps ensure the relevant customer-facing content is directed to the right type of audience and is kept current throughout the various OTA touch points.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
In today’s world, impactful images capture customers. Does your imagery support your message and is it relevant?

From renovation, rebuilding and new additions, imagery needs to stay up-to-date with these types of changes. Revenue Matters looks to identify image and optimization opportunities to reflect the experience of the property.

Price Parity
Price Parity among OTAs continues to remain one of the key factors in positioning and placement. You do not want to shift share among OTAs through price variances. Revenue Matters not only highlights pricing inconsistencies, but more importantly, helps identify value add opportunities. Value is not always the lowest price.
Customer Experience
Today’s customers are very engaged and want to share their experiences. How do you manage and apply customer feedback?

Revenue Matters not only provides support for responding to customer feedback but also will identify areas of opportunity for scale such as price positioning.

Right Message to Right Audience
Are your online marketing efforts reaching your target audience? Are your online banner ads and PPC programs delivering?

Our Direct Marketing is a digital dream with full accountability and ROI measurement.

To ensure the right message is delivered at the right time to the right audience, Revenue Matters will apply its expertise and provide support in optimizing and managing various online marketing initiatives.
* According to Expedia